If your startup cannot make sales, it will fail. If you cannot convince clients to choose your service over the competition, you will fail as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do riot have the right skill set to actually pitch a product to their target market. That lack of skill also prevents them from recognizing whether or riot an applicant is qualified to sell to customers. Knowing the worst sales mistakes a person can make goes a long way towards making an entrepreneur a better salesperson. Here are few of the worst mistakes you can make:

Softball Questions

One of the biggest mistakes a salesperson can make is simply not going for the tough questions. Unfortunately, that means that you and your team cannot get to the heart of why someone won't choose your startup's offering. You need to toughen up and ask people, directly, why the competition is more appealing to them, or why your pitch isn't working. Only by going for those kinds of questions will you truly be able to convince people to your side. At the very least, you can figure out what you are doing wrong so you can throw the next pitch better.

Thinking That It's All About Money

Price is rarely a real issue in terms of making a sale. If somebody wants or chooses your product, they will find a way to afford it. Don't get stuck on convincing the customer that the product is "worth the price." Find out what is really keeping them from making the decision. Get to the core of their concerns so you can make a better case for your product.

Not Closing

Every encounter with a customer that has a pitch or presentation must have intent to sell. While that seems fairly obvious, many salespeople make the mistake of floating out a pitch, thinking that it is enough to convince people without further prompting. Occasionally, with luck, that can occur. However, what will happen most of the time is you will miss out on many sales with that approach. Instead, always have intent. Always close a sale! Have a call to action at the end of each presentation, prompting them to take the next step into your sales funnel.

Sell a Solution

You know that your startup's product is the solution to a problem the customer has. Your sales team knows it. However-, your customer does not necessarily understand that it is a solution. If you do not properly frame the pitch, all the values your product has will fall on deaf ears. You must sell the product as an answer to a question the customer may not even know they are asking. Maintain a strong emotional connection with consumers. Not knowing when to close could be potentially disastratous for your sales.

Remain competitive and fuel the fire. Stay Motivated, Always!