Are you aggressive in sales?

I often worry myself for not being aggressive, but sales is a game where time and money is at stake. Selling need not be persuasive. Reminds ratatouille – Anyone can cook! Learn your audience. Research the markets. I keep wondering what triggers my outcomes – My anger, or my itch to liberate the dullness within by being witty – both of which might end up provoking the stir. Reasons plently, my anger often was unchannelled. If you are into sales and trying to get your first client, learn to bury your ego, anger and attitude. It takes sometime to bring the inner calm.

Anger begets anger. Often anger is simply disguised into layers. He who can prevent a moment's of anger, may prevent a day of sorrow. Is that fear of missing that sale keeping you angry? Don't be. Emotion clouds and blots mind.

There will be often several situations in your life that you would often regret having not stirred. A waiter asked a rather sad customer as to what would have even be wrong with the soup he just served. The customer puzzled at his own mistake replies calmly – "I am sorry, I stirred the soup".

Don't this really define something? Imagine how aggressive the situtation could have escalated. Learn not to over-react to angry negatives and turn-offs. The best fighter is never angry — Lao Tzu. The greatest remedy for anger is delay. Channel it wisely. Anger gives great power, but don't let it destroy you.