Fun fact: Did you know that 57% of a buying decision is made before a sales rep is even involved? Sell to others as you would like to be sold to! The first blow is "half the battle". Funny, sales needs a war quote! Β 

A Chinese proverb: Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand. Why customer experience is so important. If you've spent time segmenting your leads as ToFU, or BoFu its time to unstack! Learn and unlearn. Focus on who is involved. But what does "involved" mean? Β What does it mean to be "emotionally involved". Ever wondered why car salesmen ask you to test drive their cars? It's an emotion! Β Why do you think people throng at product launches & block-buster flix?

A good read is Joseph Sugarman’s β€œThe Adweek Copywriting Handbook”. He once opened up a conversation with a master salesman who worked at a TV appliance store.

β€œIf they walked up to a TV set and started turning the knobs, I knew that I had a 50% chance of selling them. If they didn’t turn the knobs, I had a 10% chance of selling them…”


This small insight the TV salesman shared is more valuable than any podcasts by any marketer perhaps! Translate the process with your startup business. Are you clients involved? Is he/she is trying out your service/product trails? Are they exposed to a options that enable them make a purchase decision? A long story short, conversion will soon follow. Keep calm & work on your sales funnels & focus on conversion killers.

".. 90% of the B2B purchases happens before sales get involved." How do you involve your prospects? Don't plant the idea of selling your product in the first place. That never works! Originality matters in sales. Your customer's involvement with your product can be an experience. Crowdsourcing can be very powerful & exponentially more valuable than just creating demand. It bonds influencers to your brand. Few companies gamify that experience. Talk to them! Ask them what they want to know. Simple as that.

A recent visit to one large mobile showroom left me wondering why would a company invest so much for "experience". Noticed a lot of sales boys guiding prospective buyers how to use their products. There was VR, fitness, simulation, hands-on devices, IoT, and an in-house cafes serving lattes. And, all this for what? To get you involved in an immersive experience, perhaps!

Even a small review, or a simple guest-blog makes a big difference for any business. Involve user-generated content. If the content is engaging and if you can find a way to reward the customers then it's good motivation for them to create content for you. User generated content is gold for any company.

Remember, prospects like buying, but they don’t like being sold to. Prospects can be creative. Some of the best brands in the industry have been built by the shoppers who love to get involved. Make your customers "first". It's lame to ask for feedback when you have a new product or service offering. It's not a fair game to put an irrestitable offer that tweaks their buying decisions. Involve the customer earlier in the design process so you don’t waste time building the wrong thing. What's the point of starting a upscale cafe serving cold-coffees in ladak?

When was the last time you invited sales, marketing, the management board, your customer support folks to your meetings? Sales enablement must involve all of these stakeholders, or every process will be unsustainable. Whether you are a marketing expert or a sales maverick, its an obligation for each to work on demand generation and represent the brand/business. So, as an organization, be it sales or marketing, a high level of commitment is called on for. In business, you need to create a sense of demand, not wait for "demand". Nobody calls you for offer their money! Every person involved in the decision making needs to be aware of your value to them.

Get your prospects involved. Share the life-cycle of your products & talk about your products can solve their problems. If your sales isn't relentlessly focused on what is useful, you become a Β forgotten branch. When you involve your customers and clients in a continuous discovery process, you can build them what they need to solve their problem instead of the one they want. Business strategies are dependent on market demand, business goals and budgets. Those things are fluid. So, don’t plead or demand: Involve!

Keep hustling folks.