Whether you are selling in the B2B or B2C space, the quality of your leads is just one of many factors influencing your overall success rate. We are introducing a product called LEADZILA, which does just that.

From your team's time management skills to the methodologies used to create customer relationships, each aspect of your sales funnel needs to be optimized for success. You cannot hope to capitalize on your golden-ribbon leads, if your sales team isn't prepared for accelerated sales. Remember Glengarry Glen Ross? ⟢

According to data from 2019, 80% of sales agencies surveyed want to improve the quality of their leads. If you want to ensure each member of your B2B sales force to achieve all they are capable of, share this listicle with your team to maximize their sales opportunities. And, do subscribe to UILO.

Research Sales Leads

Prior to contacting sales lead, a critical point is research. For increased B2B sales conversions, we don't recommend cold calls and emails to unqualified leads, which can quite reduce conversion rates also. From approaching individuals with no purchasing authority to connecting with companies in the midst of a takeover, numerous factors can influence your ability to close a sale. It's necessary to spend just as much time on lead research as you do on reaching out to prospects.

Base Your Sales Pitch Upon Buyer Needs

Not every sales prospect has the same motivation for needing your product or service. Too many sales reps get caught up in their own response templates that they forget to truly listen to what is being said (and not said). Fine-tuning listening skills Is one of savviest moves you can make as a salesperson.

"Don't watch clock; do what it does. Keep going" Sam Levenson

When you understand where your leads are in the sales funnel, you can adapt your outreach to stilt their individual needs. When you listen carefully to buyer responses you are in a better position to offer the appropriate information. Β 

Review Your Progress

Progress analysis is an essential skill for sales reps who succeed. The better informed you are on what is or Is not working, the better your sales pitches will be. When you look at your conversion rates as a whole, you can pinpoint outreach tactics that have higher rates of success. What works for one salesperson does not necessarily work for another. By reviewing your progress on an ongoing basis, you are able to understand your weak spots and double-down on what works for you. Make a concerted effort to improve your weak areas so your entire sales process improves.

– Interns?

– Change Agents?

– Where are you on your social selling journey?

Try to work out the concerns with the entire sales team to put together an improved offering. You could even reach out to vendors or salespeople outside the company if you wish to obtain a fresh perspective on things. Before long, your new script will lead to increased sales numbers. Too many sales calls and meetings end with the client letting the salesperson know they need some time to think about things or consider their options.

Nurture leads over time

Not every sales lead is going to be ready to convert immediately. Some leads can take months to make a purchasing decision. When you build relationships with qualified prospects, you earn their trust and their willingness to purchase from your company. Unlike conversions, where it is often a one-and-done" sale, B2B conversions take time and require ongoing nurturing.

"You miss 100% of shots you don’t take." -Wayne Gretzky

Generating sales leads for your company can be an expensive and time-consuming task. As such, you should do everything in your power to ensure none of these leads go to waste. In other words, you need to convert as many leads as possible into real sales.

If you can't make sales as an entrepreneur, you won't make it – and it's not just customers that you need to convince. When you're trying to get a buyer, you're essentially selling them the idea of your product/service. When you're trying to find partners, you're doing the same. Thus it's of the utmost importance that you keep your sales game strong, lest your company fall apart.

OPT-INs, Not Databases

Often it would be tempting when someone attempts to lure you with data. DATA is the new oil. FACT: No one will be more willing to share any lead details, unless you are investing in them, perhaps as far as we know, no business would share the details of their trade to anyone, esp. fellow competitors, and more specifically those in sales. All data like customers, suppliers, list-item wise cost prices and all related DATA are one's own proprietary.

And, if its being traded, chances are your information will soon be out in the market someday by someone in your own firm, who understood that client data is a trade-able asset. Stop encouraging companies which make revenues on selling other's identities. In a world where nothing comes for free, why invest in something that exploits your integrity? Ask your potential leads to signup. Make leads as OPT-INs. Put a marketing plan, and prove them why signing up with you, would bring them more business.

Push Through a No

There will be times when you are too certain that who you're talking to will gain from what you have to sell – and those are the times when you shouldn't take NO for an answer. Keep presenting them with information that shows off how much value you offer. However, there is a caveat, and that's sometimes walking away i s the right move. On occasion, it's better to let them sit on information and approach them at a later date, but that means you're biding your time, not going up.

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

You're going to hear your share of naysayers as an sales person. You may be able to shrug them off, but during the heat of the moment, when a sale is on the line, those doubts may come rushing out and cripple your abilities, It's best not to expose yourself to people who do nothing but attack your confidence and your skills. However, it's important to make a distinction between someone who wants to bring you down, and someone who really want to help.

Before you walk into a meeting with a prospective client, It is important you adequately prepare them for the discussion. This preparation could come in the form of a short video message, a presentation, or even a puzzle to solve. The intention here is to pass on some quick and interesting information that will leave any client curious about your products/services.

This will, in turn, make your meeting with the client run much more smoothly - increasing the likelihood that he or she will want to do business with you. Each and every marketing team delivers from a sales script. And, companies insist this script must be followed to a perfection, while others give their salespeople some room for improvisation. No matter which style your script takes on – if it is not delivering the expected results, you will need to revise your pitch.