Confidence is built by doing your work over and over until you prove to yourself that you’re actually 'pretty' good at it. Think about field sales, and you'd recollect this flick for sure! Here's few points noted on the event.

  • Live the truth. Calm is power.
  • "I am refusing to speak" Be Non-Convincing. Be Non-reactive.
  • Don't let people walk all over you,
  • Master the subtle art of not giving a f**k!
  • Slow things down.                            
  • Confidence inspires within as a result of your own realization of self.
  • There's no requirem to manufacture confidence.
  • Overcome social anxiety.
  • Its ok to be passive, but dont' mix being aggressive.

Only 30% people wait for other's to respond, and this is paradox in public speaking without akward pauses. Learn to pause, always.