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Profits before patients.  

One global pandemic CONVID has shown people its true colors – GREED, one of the greatest vices of mankind. Globally, the pandemic has shown how a certain 1% lurk in the dark reaping the benefits of people's panic, poverty and disease.  Even at a time as this, healthcare has let us all down. A novel coronavirus test at private labs will cost Rs 4500 (plus misc costs, taxes, and fees). Indian companies had been waiting to get COVID test kit validated for over a month now. Indian cos. say can provide test kits for Rs 500-700 per kit. Govt spending Rs 4500 per test right now USFDA approved test kits of 2 companies within 24 hours of application.

The unpaid bill

There's a small story about an unpaid restaurant bill. One customer walks in to find his long-time friend in a restro, and comes forward to help him out by offering to pay the bill. The "old friend" leaves abruptly before the bill arrives, and our main guy discovers how foolish it was to offer him help. He now finds another guy desperate enough like him and offers a job. As they new guy approaches the resto, the main guy makes a dashing exit and asks him to pay up his bills. Assuming the bill was trifle, the 3rd guy went ahead the counter to find how he was deceived. But, he decided to "take a line of credit" from another opportunist, and the story continues over the debt that's still unpaid.

What's sad about the pandemic is how large corporations, use this as an opportunity to "wipe" off their bad loans and debts using a magic wand. Those who ended up raking profits in billions, declare bankrupt and claim insolvency, now are using pandemics to build a fresh start with a trillion dollar "parachute".

Who is Keyser Söze?

All beings fight desperatly for survival despite their sizes, each one unique in their own abilities, born with vices, and hone their animal instincts to the core.

Civilizations have taught us lessons about disease and medicine. Despite losing many, here we are yet again in a strange decade of madnesss, as representations engage in a cage-matches, fighting amongst themselves over the queen's bed, with their naked lies, that are so blantly appaling. Yet, despite that we are running hap-hazard, uncaring and overtly self-preservative about saving our skins first.

A tiny organism, has made us bend to its knees, as we grapple on understanding it, with limitless uncertainities on how it replicates, and transmists, making our vices more desperate and obvious.

We hate what we don't understand.

We can't see the virus, and we hate it. We are growing filamentous over our survival and ended up ignoring something basic! Despite that we are divergent and love to live with the diversity. 2020, and we are still erecting borders, queing for visas, buying guns, paying taxes and tolls, waging debates over religion, caste still ignoring to raise a collective vocie of CHANGE!

We are facing our worst enemy - our ignorance! Ignorance over who the real enemy is - The virus or ourselves? Ignorance over who really are desperate - making them poor or keeping them poor? Ignornace over "why" over "what". Ignorance of reasons.

Pandemic Protectionism

We have seen how governments prepared themselves for pandemic - much worse than how shoppers go buying spree on a Black Friday. One country went desperate upto a billion dollars, to patent a drug developed by another country's lab, and place a large order for masks, sanitizers, ventilators, respirators, equipments, and even warships. Be it known, even as all this had happened, it was discovered the virus could be neutrailized with a cocktail of 2 other exisitng drugs, and this hype over our unseen enemy was simply a lack of fore-sight and collective intelligence.

Its unfair to expect someone buy and profit from spot insurance of a house that's on fire! If the leaders don't understand each other, how can we expect them to understand either the people or the virus? Is it even reasonable to trust their ethics at such times when these representations love to mint money over piled dead bodies? To pick a line from EM quote - When you have a bucket that bail you out from a sinking ship, 10 times faster than a coventional one, why patent it?

Even as we write, people leaders from various economies continue to believe people are at peace, when the reality sucks! Corruption, price inflation, food stocking, lack of remorse to people's lives is all time peak as our politicians are busy watching soap operas on television channels, chanting slogans, clapping utensils and and making a mockery of their powers bestowed upon them with "kindergraden" ideas so dumb that even "bone lickers" at the national media's debate show love to chew them tirelessly, whilst earning their respective mileages. Making masses illeterate is so easy, perhaps? With such understanding between these pillars, we can expect nothing but bullock crap in the years ahead.

To quote a line from the Usual suspects "Verbal" Kint: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. The message is simple – We are fighting our worst enemy - Ignornace!  Peace of mind is the highest wealth. Don't leave your integrity at the door. When you lack faith in your system, go back to the basics.