Critiques would call this post a kneel-down, and I might have to concurr their opinions as a writer battling between sense and sensibility. This post is a good resource on how a door-to-door sales person employs compliments as a tool towards a sales interaction.

Call it buyer-beware or opportunity, the more you compliment the lesser you benefit with any propsect. Imagine someone knocking on your door to address you "Good day. My name is X. And, I am here looking to talk with happy families in the neighbour hood". Consciously, the sales person has created an opportunity of no denial and has made it a point to give a random stranger reply him/her positively as a reassurance to affrim his/her family is a "happy" one!

Earning the business of a new lead is often a gradual process that involves a series of ongoing exchanges between a sales representative and a prospect. These transactions usually are initiated by the sales representative and occur during one of three phases: the initial contact with a new lead, the follow-up process, or during an ongoing conversation. Below are few ice-breakers you can give to your leads during each phase to help increase your chances of earning their business. Some compliments to offer during your initial contact with a lead are:

  1. "Wow - what an eye-catching company logo!" This type of compliment sets the stage for a positive interaction and shows prospects that you are paying attention to small details.
  2. "Thank you for providing such a detailed request." This comment expresses thanks while telling a prospect that he or she stands out from the crowd in a positive way.
  3. "It would be an honor to serve as your trusted source for ." With this statement, you show new leads that working with them would be a privilege as opposed to a job responsibility.
  4. "Is there a way to subscribe to your blog?" This request shows a prospect that you are interested in learning more about a prospect's company and accomplishments.
  5. "We would cherish the opportunity to work with an industry leader like your company." Referencing a company's industry reputation reinforces the prospect's sense of pride and shows that you admire their successes.
  6. "Your accent is beautiful; may I ask where you are from?" You will endear yourself to many prospects with this question because most people enjoy talking about themselves and their families.
    Compliments to offer during the follow-up phase can include:
  7. "You were one of the most memorable clients from the trade show" This compliment helps a customer feel valued by your organization and reinforces that you consider the client to be special. 8) "Your company's website is impressive." Potential customers will typically be pleasantly surprised and impressed if you took the time to visit their website and learn more about their company.
  8. "I enjoyed learning more about your new product line." This comment shows a lead that you have kept up with their business and suggests that you would be attentive moving forward.
  9. "Congratulations on winning Small Business of the Year." People love to receive accolades for their accomplishments. Plus, you show that you keep track of industry news.
  10. "Your industry knowledge is inspiring." These five words are simple, yet applaud prospects for their expertise and ability to motivate others.
  11. "I am already looking forward to our next conversation." This compliment serves to affirm the sets the stage for the next phase of interaction with the lead: continued conversation.
  12. Compliments you can offer during the continued conversation phase are: "We would like to extend a personal invitation to visit our offices" Rolling out the red carpet for prospects reinforces their value to your organization and can help improve your close ratio.
  13. "We would love to feature your organization in a case study." This compliment affirms a prospect's value to an industry or society at large.
  14. "Your new assistant is doing an excellent job of communicating with us." This compliment tells the prospect that he or she has good judgment and management skills
  15. "Your organization is very fortunate to have you on board." This accolade makes prospects feel like they are a significant asset to their employer.